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mexican cooking videos

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Spicy pork taco

Spicy pork taco

Years of living in Hong Kong and having street food there had probably given me an "Iron Stomach". This is a spicy pork taco from a street taco cart outside my hotel. You will NEVER see anything like this in the US - I'm sure the guy's violating all sorts of food safety code.

The marinated pork is skewered onto a iron rod with a pineapple top for decoration and the whole contraption is exposed to propane fired bricks - similar to how gyros meats are done. They then carve the meat off with a long carving knife and cook it on a hot griddle - slop a bit of the drippings from the meat onto the cast iron plate and cook up 2 pieces of corn tortilla in the grease / drippings. Then, in a quick succession of motion, the tortillas are flipped onto a sheet of paper, the meat piled on with what looks like a big putty knife, and the fixings plopped on. Total damage: US$1.00.

If not for the total chaos of the drug cartels in civil war - and the police and military patrolling with machine guns and grenade launchers - I'd love to bust out my 5D2 and shoot some nice video of how it's made. But a big creme color lens on a SLR sticks out like a sore thumb and being the fraidy cat that I am, I decided to grab my food and just eat in the relative safety of my hotel room.

I didn't like Mexican food until my first business trip to Tijuana. (It should have occured to me, after my late Grandma asked me who the hell General Tsao was, that the Mexican food here in the US is heavily butchered).

Anyway, all that changed when I took down 3 dozen donuts for the factory workers on the first trip down a few years back, and asked the engineer that I worked with to take me to where she eats lunch instead of where they take the visiting touristas on the second day. (The account manager wasn't around, and was shocked when she found out where I had ate - repeatedly asked if I was okay afterwards :-) ). I've been hooked since then.

Work Desk A

Work Desk A

This is what I get for laughing at someone who had just gotten tagged and said they hated it, now I know why.

1. I was not excited to do this, but it’s been a week that I got my first tag and felt I should participate, since I do like to come to this site every once in a while.
2. I love traveling and road trips, but I hate when I forget my camera which happens most of the times.
3. I love to eat and sometimes cook.
4. My favorite foods are Mexican, Asian, & Italian foods. TexMex cookouts & steaks are some of the best!
5. I think I work too much as a full time employee & don’t leave enough time for my studies as a part timer.
6. I like my job because I think it’s a field that I know.
7. I work with videos and editing software which I need more practice, plus still shots which I also need more practice.
8. I use to work at a news station and learned many things. I saw many awesome and horrible things that I wished I had my personal camera in those days.
9. On my boring times I try to learn new things that relate to my job.
10 Flickr photos most of the times help me gain ideas.
11. No, I don’t copy or claim any ones work, especially on flickr.
12. I have problems remembering people’s names that I hardly know and haven’t seen in a while.
13. When people talk to me about something that is not interesting, I tend stop listening and keep shaking my head and saying oh and wow, as if I were listening.
14. I like short readings about someone or something!
15. I can read upside down and hold my breath underwater for about 1 minute and 30 seconds, no bull.
16. Someday, I hope to do something I’ve always wanted to do, which is SNOWBOARDING. I have a very special interest in doing that, but too bad it doesn’t snow where I live.

mexican cooking videos

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